woman with white face mask

We are all chronically stressed

The stress of the pandemic is wearing us out. The pressure that started ten months ago is now falling into the category of chronic. The effects are very palpable when…

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What about empathy?

How good are you at empathy at work? Are you good at reading your coworkers? Do you see and care when someone else is struggling at work? Do you feel…

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Reduce emotional reactivity

When we start our morning, we chose how we want to begin our day. Each morning is an opportunity to set the tone for our day. If you begin with…

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Micro-moments of mindfulness at work

Losing positive connections in remote work is a real problem. When teams lose connection with one another, the team suffers. When the team suffers, the quality of their works also…

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Your number one thing at work

Your most important resource at work is your attention. The problem: Your mind loves to wander. We tend to think about anything but the present. Today our minds are bouncing…

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less is more sign

Is minimalism the new happiness trend?

I have enjoyed reading books and watching documentaries and Tv series about minimalism in the last two years. Being a minimalist is something that has become more popular in recent…

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person wearing distressed blue denim jeans inside room

How to talk to your worries and anxiety

When worries and fearful thoughts take over your mind, it can feel overwhelming and hard to ignore. The dwell on difficulty or troubles can cloud your mind, and it could…

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Overcome one meditation struggle to increase productivity

Meditation requires a consistent effort to keep training your mind to sit and practice every day. I find that frequently people struggle to sit daily. Many obstacles can interfere with…

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man holding bamboo stick on rice field during daytime

One word to reduce mental noise

In my experience as a health manager, I worked with people with Dementia. This brain illness affects cognitive functioning, thinking, and sufferers can struggle to communicate effectively. Some of the…

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leafless tree under white sky

When shit happens

You can spend your life trying your best to be a healthy person. You can eat right, only organic products, work out, take supplements, have a healthy weight, and drink…

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