woman in black and white plaid blazer

What to do when you feel powerless

If someone says to you, I feel powerless; you can assume that they feel fear and lack skills to deal with a situation. It also expected that they had given…

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woman in black long sleeve shirt sitting on sidewalk during daytime

Do you have a thinking addiction?

I never realized that my mind was so stuck in negative thinking until I started a meditation practice. Not until I started paying attention to my thoughts did I noticed…

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elevator signage

How to overcome an old hurtful emotional wound

Suppose I ask you to pretend that you are in an elevator. In this elevator, you are the only person inside. There are three floors. On the first floor, the…

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flame illustration

Why is the vagus nerve essential for wellbeing

Stress is individual and personal. You come out of the grocery store, and you see some smoke in the parking lot. When you look, you see a fire in an…

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people on assorted-color cable cars at daytime

What no one tells you about getting older

I can’t keep track of how many I have recently talked to that have concerns about their aging. People’s worries vary, but mostly they all seem to be negative. The…

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woman in white tank top running on dirt road during daytime

How to live with intentional joy

Today I had a bunch of errands and plans I wanted to complete. Last night, I set my alarm clock to wake up one hour earlier as I wanted to…

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person standing near heart paint

A mindful way to open your heart

When we think of opening our hearts, we associate it with an opening to trust. Using the expression, I opened my heart involves feeling safe about the person I’m opening…

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focus photography of woman facing trees

Do you have an inner dialogue?

Our brain has a strong tendency to get in a negative default state. If you pay close attention to your internal dialogue, you will notice that your thoughts are somewhere…

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One way to stop the fear influencers

Our brain acts like velcro to negative news. This happens without us having to take an active part in this mental process. Our brains are wired to pay attention to…

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How to live mindfully happy today

We are all guilty of spending too much of our time and mental energy prioritizing the future. Our mind and our thoughts tend to gravitate more towards thinking, what is…

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