woman with head resting on hand

What am I doing to make my anxiety worse

Anxious thoughts hide in our unhealthy habits. The habits that create our anxiety can tell us a lot about getting out of it. Having healthy habits can help us cope…

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How to deal with negative thoughts even when you don’t realize you have them

Our thinking is always on automatic pilot. Thinking is something we don’t control. Our thought patterns respond to previous experiences that have stayed in our minds of earlier experiences. Negative…

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Is mindfulness meditation effective for anxiety and better sleep during the pandemic?

Many studies have proved that practicing mindfulness meditation can help to improve sleep. You maybe have heard about how it can help to reduce anxiety and, as a result, lower…

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Mindfulness for women that are stressed out and want to feel more centered

In a recent workplace study, women were found more likely to quit their jobs than men. The pandemic has been putting more burdens on women. Work and home life balance…

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Why many people give up on meditation and how to overcome it

I’m a meditation coach, and many people say to me. 👎🏼”Meditation is not for me.” “I can’t shut down my thoughts. “ “When I’ve tried to meditate, my mind is…

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Mindfulness tips for anxiety and the inner critic that stops your meditation

When you sit in meditation, you are sitting with your inner world experience. While you are still quiet and focusing on your practice, your thoughts come along for the ride.…

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Our struggles are not slowing down

Living with social restrictions keeps being at the center of our lives. I have held on to hope about the possibility of my kids going back to school. My concerns…

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man in driver's seat

Imaginary stress

You are driving, and someone horns at you. You had stopped at the traffic and were holding the traffic behind you. You didn’t realize until the noise brought you to…

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How to use mindfulness meditation and fun to solve a problem when your mood is down

So you are stuck with a problem, and you keep overthinking about it. You feel that there are no satisfactory solutions to help you. The problem is making you down…

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How I release fear

My mind is going around in circles. I’m thinking about external frustrations and worries about the future. My thoughts are riding waves of exhausting situations. I try to distract myself,…

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