Why many people give up on meditation and how to overcome it

Photo by Mor Shani

I’m a meditation coach, and many people say to me.

👎🏼”Meditation is not for me.”

“I can’t shut down my thoughts. “

“When I’ve tried to meditate, my mind is all over the place.”

Many people want to meditate, but they believe is not for them.

They see meditation as a tool to stop the mind.

It’s easy to give up on meditation if you expect your thoughts to stop and they don’t.

People stop meditating based on this assumption.

I also made this mistake.

But I changed my mind.

What made me?

Meditation is not about stopping thoughts.

My thoughts are not the enemy.

Meditation develops a new relationship with my thoughts.

When distracting thoughts arise, you don’t have to follow them.

When worries and plans come up in meditation, the only thing to do is to let them go.

Concentration and staying in the present moment is a skill we develop by repetition.

Meditating gives you the training to develop this skill.

Mind training is about letting thoughts go.

Don’t judge and get tangled in them.

No one has the secret to perfect meditation.

Perfection is judgment.

Judgments are not part of meditation.

Every practice is a unique experience.

Some days you’ll notice more distractions than others.

Still, the key is to practice daily imperfectly.

If you have any other challenges about meditation, comment below.

I will be happy to help and answer on a blog post or a podcast episode.

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