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Mindful emailing: A calmer way to manage your email

Living a life that promotes mental balance and more equanimity involves patin attention to your daily actions. To have a more rooted experience in mindfulness, you must notice what activities…

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What to do when you feel overwhelmed with your life

To stop and take a break when we are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated too frequently, is wise advice. If you think that your life is not true to you, or…

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Explore your true desires in five mindful steps

The word desire means a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. I’m sure if I asked right now if you have hopes, you…

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Create more bliss in your life

Bliss is such a great word. Whenever I say it, I can not help it, but I have to smile. Just repeating the word “bliss” makes me feel joyful. I…

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The mindful way to befriend your anger

Recently I was reading a book by Sharon Salzberg, Real love. In this book, she writes about loving-kindness. I want to share with you one of her perspectives on coping…

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Unhappy people need to do this one thing

In the last twenty years of working helping people, I have seen many faces of unhappiness. I have met a lot of people that are so stuck that when they…

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A powerful way of solving problems

In the last week, our world was shaken by a violent tragedy. A lot of us are feeling sadness, anger, and/or frustration. It’s hard to take in what is happening.…

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The power of touch during social distancing

Yes, we have to keep social distancing when we go out. It’s essential to follow recommendations when we are at the grocery store, walking the dog, and outside in public…

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Why everybody should meditate

We are all predisposed to focus on negative experiences. This tendency to mostly pay attention to things in a pessimistic way guides our emotional reactions, fears, decision making, and memory…

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How to find a deeper sense of community during social distancing

Social distancing is a measure taken to prevent the spread of a contagious disease by maintaining a physical distance between people. Limiting getting physically close to each other is important…

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