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Happiness is homemade

This is the question I get asked the most. How do you stay happy? My answer. My happiness definition works for me. If you are unhappy, change it. How? Easy,…

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Let’s focus on mental health

The number of people looking for help with anxiety and depression skyrocketed in 2020. Our mental health is important, and we need to make it a priority. The mental effects…

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How can gratitude help remote work?

A study on gratitude found that only 10% of people say thank you at work. Gratitude at work can inject motivation in a remote worker. When someone says than you,…

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Meditation is not what you think

There are a lot of myths about meditation. I think that myths stop people from practicing. They also validate incorrect excuses and promote a negative view of meditating. Take a…

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Remote work and parenting

Remote working parents are juggling more than ever. Working from home and looking after the family in the middle of a pandemic is a lot. Social restrictions and limited resources…

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Work and feeling chronically stressed

The stress of the pandemic is wearing us out. The pressure that started ten months ago is now falling into the category of chronic. The effects are very palpable when…

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What about empathy?

Remote work has given a chance to many to stay employed during the pandemic. Statistics about the workplace today are saying that remote work is here to stay. Many benefits…

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Reduce emotional reactivity

When we start our morning, we chose how we want to begin our day. Each morning is an opportunity to set the tone for our day. If you begin with…

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Micro-moments of mindfulness at work

Losing positive connections in remote work is a real problem. When teams lose connection with one another, the team suffers. When the team suffers, the quality of their works also…

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Your number one thing at work

Your most important resource at work is your attention. The problem: Your mind loves to wander. We tend to think about anything but the present. Today our minds are bouncing…

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