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Welcome! I’m Tamy, the founder of Happy Meditator.

My goal is to help you find a meditation or mindfulness practice that fits your needs, helps you become happier and lets you enjoy life more. 

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Client Testimonials

“I had been feeling that something in my life was out of balance, so I took Tamy’s class entitled “The Happiness Formula”.  After practicing tips from her class for just one week, I noticed a marked improvement in my mood, which inspired me to ask her to be my meditation coach.  Having Tamy as my coach has been a life-changing experience for me.  Since I’ve started meditating with her, my outlook on life has become more positive, and I am experiencing more joy and less stress in my life.  She is encouraging, warm, funny, and patient, and I learn something new from her with each session.”


Issaquah, WA

“Tamy has a real gift with teaching meditation. One of the benefits I obtained through our sessions was a state of feeling very calm and grounded. Her guided meditations can be addictive. She has a very calm and soothing voice. I am always disappointed when our meditation session is over. I wish it could go on for a number of hours.”


Sammamish, WA

“As a mother of 3 busy teenagers,  I decided to attend several meditation and mindfulness sessions with Tamy in hopes of learning to find more inner peace during the day.  I looked forward to our sessions and learned very practical and important ways to calm the “noise” inside me and to be mindful of how I am feeling.   This translates into me being a better mother and wife.  Tamy is a skilled, thoughtful and patient person who is very passionate about what she teaches.  I would highly recommend her.”


Sammamish, WA

I had been experiencing stress and a sense of lack of control. My wife had come across Tamy’s classes and suggested we both try meditation. I began to see positive results from the weekly sessions with Tamy immediately. My stress levels reduced after the first day, and over the weeks I slowly rediscovered a long lost sense of being centered. Taking the time every day to be mindful, even if just for a few minutes has helped me to rediscover my sense of self, and an openness to new experiences. I’d recommend Tamy as a meditation coach to anyone. She is very engaging and knowledgeable and gets results.”


Issaquah, WA

“My motivation for taking Tamy’s class was that I had gotten out of practice and was not meditating routinely. I took her class to get back into meditating. The benefits are many. I enjoy group meditation Tamy has a relaxing voice and manner about her and the class is my guilty pleasure. It also reminds me to be mindful and nonjudgmental in my everyday life. It helps me sleep and with my chronic illness helps me deal with the ups and downs of my health.

I can’t recommend Tamy’s class enough!!! The benefits of meditation are well documented and for me along with what I’ve stated already I benefit from the class so much I brought my family into the practice and Tamy teaches a class for my entire family. Tamy is great with my two young adult children we all really enjoy her class.”


Sammamish, WA

“Tamy is a smart and intuitive instructor. Her compassion comes through her lessons as she sees her clients personal needs and gears future lessons to those needs. My need for inner peace and reducing my cortisol levels motivated me to begin meditation. Taking the daily ‘me time’ has become an easy and much desired discipline. I can enter meditation very agitated and calm my whole being within 10 minutes. The deep breathing practice is so helpful throughout the day.

I highly recommend Tamy because she is compassionate, she understands stress and offers a tool kit of meditation techniques that makes my life more peaceful one day at a time.”


Sammamish, WA

Tamy is like the warm tea I desperately need in winter. The meditation guided by her helped me a lot. I found my inner peace. I felt so calm and quiet. I started to focus on the most important things in my life. My life changed. I am getting better and better. I would like to recommend Tamy. She knows what you need. She will take you there quickly and easily. Just by listening to her voice, I feel calm and happy.

She is the best happy meditator!”


Issaquah, WA

“I was motivated to begin meditation to decrease the stress in my life and to overall improve my personal wellbeing. Tamy is a wonderful instructor who made it very easy to learn meditation, especially given I had very little experience with meditation before taking a class with her. As I began classes with Tamy and practicing meditation I noticed that my overall levels of stress were much lower and I was able to deal with challenges, such as the anxiety before a surgery I had, in a healthy way. I even used some meditation techniques that Tamy taught me to meditate right before my surgery, which helped reduce my anxiety about surgery significantly. I would absolutely recommend Tamy’s services to people of every level of experience with meditation. She is not only skilled at teaching meditation, she is also kind and accepting, and always willing to discuss challenges in my meditation practice and give recommendations to improve my practice.


Sammamish, WA