About Tamy Khan

Tamy Khan - Happy Meditator

Hi, my name is Tamy!

I’m a happiness & mindfulness meditation coach, yoga teacher and founder of Happy Meditator.

I help people discover a calmer, more meaningful and happier life that is more centered, grounded and resilient. I do this with the help of mindfulness techniques, meditation & scientifically proven happiness strategies.

I believe that anybody can create a life with less stress, anxiety and better balanced emotions

During my years working as mental health therapist, I encountered a lot of people who were unhappy and dissatisfied with their life. As a therapist, I was required to use traditional counseling practices to help them. But I always felt that these techniques weren’t fully effective in helping people regain control of their lives. It often led to people become dependent on therapy and it would take a long time for them to be able to deal with their problems.

In my own personal life, I also experienced similar dissatisfaction just like many of the clients I worked with. I started looking into non-traditional psychology and practices to improve my sense of control and wellbeing. And I decided to focus on positive psychology, mindfulness, and meditation. I started implementing these scientific-based practices in my own life and experienced positive results quickly.

I know how it feels to be unhappy and to lack any sense of direction in your life. But as I developed a better understanding of my own needs and learned to establish a positive mindset, I experienced a transformation from within. Regaining a sense of balance, purpose, and wholeness in my life inspired my launch the Happy Meditator.

I want to share my personal and professional experiences with others so they can experience what it feels to be live a mindful happy life. Helping others and teaching has always been a passion and a strong drive that fills me with joy and gratitude.

The Happy Meditator is my life’s dream of creating a place where people can get inspired and get help with creating the happy life that they want. We all have the potential for happiness and having some guidance in the process can help things fall into place.

Together we’ll remap your mind and grow the skills you need for a more mindful wholesome life.