Here are topics I can speak about at your event or workshop:

Stress Reduction for Teens

Learn mindfulness meditation to reduce stress and improve emotional balance.

Meditation for Pain Management

Relieve suffering from chronic pain, reduce stress and improve well being.


Meditation and deep relaxation techniques to overcome trauma, anxiety, and stress.

Loving Kindness Meditation

Learn how to tame your inner critic & create more love/inner peace.


Learn the most important life skills for success and mental resilience.

Teen Stress & Anxiety

What parents need to know about teen stress and anxiety.

Mindful Eating

Use mindfulness meditation to help you rediscover a healthy relationship with food.

Meditation for Busy People

Practical simple tools to develop relaxation and mindfulness

How to Get Unstuck

Escape the trap negative thinking and take control of your life

The Happiness Formula

Discover how to become happier and enjoy a more fulfilling life.