What to do when you don’t love yourself

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If you want to be more resilient and confident, self-love is the way.

If that is hard, you can train yourself…..

To love yourself.

Being unkind.



It’s a trap.

A miserable pitiful trap.

Focusing on negative drains resilience.

Reconsider how do you see yourself.

Start with this thought.

You are unique.

Focus on one thing.

Find one thing that you like about yourself.

“ I am a ………”

Write it down.

Say it out loud.

Three times.

Notice how you feel.

Make this phrase a loving phrase.

I love that I am….

Make this phrase a daily affirmation.

Repeat it in the day.

Also when you feel you did something wrong.

Or if you make a mistake.

Reset your mind.

Repeat this out aloud.

“I made a mistake, I accept it.”

Then repeat three times “I love that I am…..

★One quote
“It’s not about being perfect. It’s about being happy with who you are right now”- Pragito Dove

★One question
Name one thing that you like about yourself?

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