The mind trap of negative daydreaming

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Our mind naturally likes to wander and time travel. In the day, you are most of the time staying in this wandering mental state. Brain research estimates that our mind tends to be the majority of the time daydreaming.

It is so automatic that we go in and out of daydreaming that most of the time, we are conscious that we are doing until something happens that stops it. Suddenly you are at your destination, and you can’t remember how you drove your car trout out the journey.

Most of our day, our thoughts travel between two destinations, positive or negative. When our mind is negative, it’s wandering about our fears, worries, and stress. On a positive destination, the daydreams are good stories and hopeful outcomes.

Unfortunately, our mind prefers a negative destination. Our brain prefers to focus on fear for our survival.

Depending if you are in positive or negative mode, you will raise or drain your mental and physical energy. The more you visit the negative pattern, the more you run out of power and reinforce adverse events from your past.

Stay longer and more frequently on the favorable destination can help you fill up with more energy, hope, and can even nurture healing.

Why? Because you will reinforce positive brain connections that can reset negativity. You can use your imagination to train your brain to believe in positive endings.

You can use your mind-wandering intentionally to promote emotional and physical healing. Your brain believes that when you are daydreaming, it is a real thing that is happening. You can take a scenario from your life that created a negative emotional wound and change it by creating a different imagined outcome.

Pay attention to your mind

During your day, pay attention to your daydreaming. Become more aware of the times that your mind travels. Then ask yourself: Is this a positive story or a negative story?


If it’s a positive stay with it, keep building the story and make it fabulous. Make it so fantastic that everything about it feels positive and energizing to you. You can give the story a name and say:
“And that was the day that I became the best humanitarian in the world.”


If the story is negative and you feel tense during the daydream, stop. Take a pause, and do not keep feeding the stress. Say to yourself:
“And that is a story that does not need to happen.”
You can also continue the story and change the situations that made it unfavorable for you into a positive. Then you can say:
“And that is a good story.”

One quote

All your negative stories can be transformed into positive stories. You are the writer, producer, and actor in your life.
-Tamy Khan

One question

What story are you ready to change into a positive one?

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