Happiness is homemade

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This is the question I get asked the most.

How do you stay happy?

My answer.

My happiness definition works for me.

If you are unhappy, change it.


Easy, happiness is homemade.

Create a happiness definition the works for you.

Some advice?

Happiness is not an emotion.

Instead, think about wellbeing.

To be happy, do not focus on cheerful.

Pleasure also passes quickly.

Happiness is not a climb for status.

Thinking selfishly does not work either.

You can be happy easily.

The key is to think about long-term happiness.

Do work that you love.

Handle adversity as a growth opportunity.

Work in contributing to the life of others.

Focus on habits that make you feel alive, optimistic, and energized!

Smile and laugh daily.

Calm is your centering pillar.

Kindness neutralizes any challenge.

Love and give more.

Happiness is not hard.

Remember to find your homemade.

One quote

I love getting anything homemade – anything that’s from the heart. If you can make or craft your own something, that always goes above and beyond, like, a candle – which is great, but if it’s homemade, that’s so much better for me

David Burtka

One question

Is your happiness homemade?

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