Fighting your sadness.

woman wearing brown sweater holding lips


Most people think that fighting sadness is good.

Fighting back is the way to overcome things, right?


Battling our emotions is not helpful.

It makes things worse.

We need to stop pushing through our sadness.

Consider acceptance.

Accept that you are sad with compassion.

Most people when they feel sad is when they are tired.

If you are tired, you are not going to be at your best.

When you are sick, it feels good to have someone to comfort you.

So do the same thing for your emotions.

Be kind and compassionate.

Work with accepting your difficult emotions with kindness.

It’s ok that you are sad.

Don’t be critical, as it will make you more sad and frustrated.

Find a mantra or a phrase to repeat.

Let the phrase bring you comfort in your suffering.

May I be kind to myself in this moment.

Repeat it three times or as many times you need.

“Whenever something goes wrong in my life, I silently repeat: This is a moment of suffering. Suffering is part of life. “- Kristen Neff

What things do you to be kind to yourself?

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