Dear Mind, please be kind to me

2Dear Mind,

A lot of our inner struggles come from a negative and self-critical mind. In our culture, there is a strong emphasis on comparing ourselves to others. This social comparison epidemic is making us unhappy.

A critical mind is an unhappy mind

You are always going to find someone that seems to have a better life than yours. The more you try to do, the more you compare, the more unhappy you feel.

Your mind is the source of your unhappiness, not your circumstances. Look inside your mind and your thoughts if you want to find the source of your struggles. Your happiness depends on it.

Build a kind mind

If you want to sustain a happy mind, you must create a kind mind.

A kind mind knows that …

Envy and blame are toxic emotions.

It is more important to be caring and loving than to be right.

Regrets are defeated judgments, and focusing on life lessons is better.

Being flexible and forgiving are strengths, not weaknesses.

To build resilience, you have to be vulnerable.

When you make mistakes, you grow.

Unconditional love is the only real love.

One quote:

“Any hardship that you experience is a life lesson.” – Haemin Sunim

One question for you:

Has your mind been kind or unkind to you today?

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