Are you on a diet?

Photo by Motoki Tonn

Dieting is a cultural obsession.

Everyone is on a diet.

There are too many “food experts”.

Selling a magical solution.

Are diets really helping?

65% of dieters return to pre-diet weight.

So it’ not helpful for weight loss.

People on diets are more prone to binge eating.

So it’s not helpful for better eating habits.

People on diets are more self-critical when they indulge.

So, it’s not helpful for self-confidence.

People on diets increase their cortisol when they break it.

Diets can make you more stressed.

Looking to kick your diet?

Bring mindfulness to your eating.

Meditate to reduce stress and cortisol.

Practice mindful eating.

Don’t use it to escape your emotions.

Food is not an emotional bandaid.

Find joy and balance one you eat.

Listen to hunger.

Indulge mindfully.

Enjoy food and not feel guilty.

Be grateful.

★One quote
“How we do food is how we do life. Every meal is a metaphor for how you show up in the world. Are you present? Are you complaining? Are you multitasking?” Marc David

★One question
Whne was the last time you said thank you before eating your meal?

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