5 Tibetan Secrets That Will Boost Your Energy in Minutes


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Recently I watched this beautiful documentary called Lazy Lama. This documentary shows a group of western students that decide to go on a Buddhist retreat. The retreat is for three years, three months and three days. This documentary sparked some curiosity on Tibetan meditation.

I started doing some research and found this instructional video on Tibetan energy yoga by Surya Das.  In this video, I learned breathing practices from old Buddhist meditation practices and yoga influences.

The first time I completed these exercises I couldn’t believe the energy boost I experienced. I was relaxed, positive and joyful. My brain was alert, and my body was ready to go. The breathing exercises are simple, and anyone can do it.

In Buddhism, the right side of our body is represented by the sun and is our masculine energy. On the left side, you locate the moon which represents our feminine energy.

According to Surya Das, these exercises are done to balance these two major energy forces in your body. When you are balanced, the whole energy in our body creates a healthy energy flow. That balance is what the Buddhist called the union of the sun and the moon.

To have a healthy energy flow, the body needs to have balance in these two energy forces. That balance is what the Buddhist called the union of the sun and the moon.

Basic principles

1. Locate your balance point: Find a comfortable area to sit on the floor cross-legged. Start with swaying your body side to side gently until your feel the center of your body and ground your seating bones in that spot.

2. Three basic stages in all the breathing exercises- Filling(inhale), holding( hold breath) and release( let the breath out) In all of the exercises you will go through these three stages.

Tibetan Energy Exercises to Boost Your Energy

1.Basic breathing

Inhale deep, hold the breath for 5-10 seconds and release the breath with energy through your mouth open. Practice basic breathing for at least three times. Increasing the hold time if possible.

2. Alternate nostril breathing

Start by inhaling with both nostrils and do the vidra fist on your left hand. Extend your index finger out of the vidra fist and hold your breath. Then press your index left finger into your left nostril and release the breath through the right nostril. Then do the same thing on the right side. Then inhale through both nostrils and exhale through both nostrils with your fists open and feeling the release in your fingers. That is considered one round. It is recommended to repeat these sequence for three rounds.

Vidra fist: Bring your thumb inside your hand and wrap your other fingers on top making a fist. The thumb will stay under not on top like a regular fist.

3. Bum -Chen or potbelly stove breath

You start this exercise with the vidra fist. Deep inhale from your lower belly and extend in an exaggerated way the belly out. Put both fists under the belly and hold the breath for a few seconds and then release the breath with an exhale that feels that is coming out through every pore of your body. At the same time, you exhale open your fist and release the fingers.

4. Soaring garuda

Extend your arms to the front and make them vidra fist. Put them under your belly while you inhale at the same time. Hold the breath for a few seconds and exhale the breath out through your mouth while extending your arms to the front.

5. Threefold or sky breath

Take one big deep inhale, hold the breath and release the breath while chanting loudly ” Aaaaaaaaa!!! When you exhale, open your mouth wide, open your eyes, ears, heart, your hands, open all of you!

If you want to boost your energy in minutes, give these a try.


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