The Quiet Mind & Better Sleep Technique

Learn a 4-step technique to release stress, reset your mind & body, and enjoy a peaceful night's sleep.

A proven way to calm your mind - reduce stress & anxiety, enhance your focus and balance your emotions with mindfulness and meditation.

What Others Say


“I noticed a marked improvement in my mood in just one week. Working with Tamy as my coach has been a life-changing experience for me. My outlook on life has become more positive, and I am experiencing more joy and less stress in my life.”

Tammie B.


“I learned very practical and important ways to calm the ‘noise’ inside me and to be mindful of how I am feeling. This translates to me being a better mother and wife. Tamy is skilled, thoughtful and patient. I would highly recommend her.”

Colleen O.


“One of the benefits I obtained through our sessions was a state of feeling very calm and grounded. Tamy’s guided meditations can be addictive. I am always disappointed when our meditation session is over. I wish it could go on for a number of hours.”

Gina C.

Hi, I'm Tamy Khan

I'm a happiness and mindfulness meditation coach, and the founder of Happy Meditator.

I help people discover a calmer, more meaningful and happier life that is more centered, grounded and resilient. I do this with the help of mindfulness techniques, meditation & scientifically proven happiness strategies.

I believe that anybody can create a life with less stress, anxiety and better balanced emotions

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