Your number one thing at work

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Your most important resource at work is your attention.

The problem: Your mind loves to wander.

We tend to think about anything but the present.

Today our minds are bouncing from worry to worry about the future.

This mental bouncing dominates our day at work.

We are spending most of our day creating stories in our heads.

To harness attention you need to be present.

Your mind needs to experience this moment in real-time.

Increasing your ability to stay focused will change your productivity.

Being more productive will improve your performance and well-being at work.

How to do it?

Name, Phrase, and Listen

  • Name it: When you notice distraction and mind wandering, stop. Name or label your distraction. Worry, planning, dreaming.

  • Pick a phrase: this …
    After naming your distraction, repeat the phrase. this bite, this meeting, this project. Reconnecting your mind to the present will help focus your attention.

  • Listen: Pay attention to the sounds around you. You can close your eyes and listen. Noticing sounds will reaffirm your attention in the present moment.

Work every day on improving your attention at work, it will be a life-changing exercise.

One quote

“The greatest gift you can give anyone is your undivided attention…”

― Will Schwalbe

One question

How much do you think your mind wanders at work?

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