Your mind is not the enemy

woman in black top closing eyes at daytime

A common obstacle for meditators is resisting the mind. Getting frustrated with their thoughts.
Meditation is not against the mind.
The mind is not the enemy.
In meditation, you develop a new relationship.
A new connection with your thoughts.
The mind is your friend.
Your thoughts are like the characteristics of a friend.
You pay attention to your friend.
You notice when it opens up.
You observe the stream of thoughts.
As you notice the thoughts,
You get to know better your friend.
The relationship deepens.
You start to develop new insights.
Insights about your thoughts.
Creating detachment from them.
You have a friend, but you are not your friend.
You have a mind full of thoughts.
But you are not those thoughts.
You accept your friend.
The qualities you like.
Also the dislikes.
Your mind stops disturbing you.
The resistance stops.

★One quote
“In meditation, you are simply letting your thoughts pass by”- Tamy Khan

★One question
If you befriend your mind, how will it change your life?

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