Why you need to become a hug promoter.

man and woman hugging near trees

Affection is necessary for babies to develop.

A basic human need.

There are only two needs that are more important.

Food and shelter.

If you have food.

A safe place to live.

Focus on affection.

Human touch is a language.

We communicate with touch.

A rewarding positive sign in our brain.

Calms stress.

Shows empathy and compassion.

We need daily human touch.

Western culture is forgetting about the importance of touch.

Let’s bring it back.

Shake hands with everyone.

If comfortable, give hugs

They are better.

Create deeper connections.

A 20-second hug can fulfill daily emotional needs.

Can’t find someone to hug.

Practice self-hugging.

It also works.

Today, hold someone’s hand.

Nourish your brain.

Hug someone.

Spread kindness and compassion to others.

★One quote
“To deny human touch is to deprive ourselves of some of life’s greatest joys and deepest comforts.” Dr. Dacher Keltner

★One question
How many hugs are you giving today?

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