What to do when you feel overwhelmed with a situation.

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To stop and take a break when we are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated is wise advice. Are feeling overwhelmed with a situation? Right now, is there a problem that is making you feel stuck. Follow me in this journey of self-reflection and hopefully, you will get more clarity about your situation.

Take a step back.

First, try to see your life a theater play. Imagine your life as it is developing right now in a theater. You are the main character in this play. Step back and look at what is happening in the play. Just observe and notice what feelings and emotions arise.

Judge your experience

As you pay attention to your feelings and emotions, ask yourself:
Is this the life I want to continue living every day?
Is this the path and journey I want to continue?

Look around you

Notice the people that are involved in the play and who are the other actors that are performing in your life. Pay attention to your interaction with your relatives, friends, children, coworkers, and other significant people. Are you enjoying your time around them? Are the interactions supportive, positive, and meaningful to you? Do you enjoy your interaction with them?

Rewrite your character

Now pretend that you are the writer of the play. Notice what the changes that you want to make to your character are. Think about how and what you would like to modify them.

What would you change about your character? Keep in mind that you only have control of your character. The other characters are living their play. You can’t change their lines or how they act. See yourself as the character that is creating a life that feels meaningful, joyful, and balanced.

Create an experience that has purpose, growth, and fulfillment.

One quote

“Life is not a puzzle to be solved. Life is a masterpiece that you create.”

― Brittany Burgunder

One question

How will you rewrite your story to help your character stop feeling overwhelmed?

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