The price of escaping our suffering

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A painful emotion can create suffering, but you can choose not to be in misery. Re-think your emotions and become friends with them. Don’t be afraid of facing them.

If your mind says: “But I don’t want to be trapped.” “I prefer to escape.”

Stop avoiding

Take a pause and realize that you can’t avoid your emotions. When you try to avoid them and escape you turn them turn into something else. They usually will show up as a negative habit.

Observe your coping

Maybe you get irritable and start lashing at people. You can develop addictions like compulsive phone distractions or email checking or you can get obsessed with social media.

Some people when they don’t deal with their emotions they become obssesed with overeating, drinking alchol, compulsive shopping or medication addiction.

All of these unhealthy behaviors are symptoms, not the cause. If you want to get to the root of them you must deal with the  real cause, your emotions.

Learn and grow

Learn how to express your emotions in apositive way. It will set you free. explore and find meaning in your suffering. Bring your attention to the lessons and how you can grow from your challenges. Learn from the tough times and challenges you face.

Get help

Find profesional support to cope when things get too painful for you. It canbe hard to ask for help but sometimes you need do it for your wellbeing.

Stop trying to escape and start living the happy life that you deserve.

One quote

“We can’t spend all of our lives running away from the monsters in our minds” – Pema Chodron

One question

What emotion do you try to escape the most?

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