The more you avoid, the longer they stick.

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Our difficult emotions.

Anger, sadness, helplessness, frustration

Research has proven that when we avoid them, they don’t go away.

The opposite.

Our brain holds on to them.

We try not to think, but we think more and more

Try it.

Don’t think about a white bear.

Close your eyes for one minute.

Remember to avoid thinking about a white bear.


This experiment prove that people couldn’t stop thinking about the bear.

The same happens with our challenging emotions.

Avoid them, they hang around for longer.

You can’t shut them down.

Try the opposite.

Feeling a difficult emotion.

Close your eyes.

Notice your body.

Stay with the sensations.

Notice the wave.

Emotions come in waves, rise and fall.

If you stay with them, they release.

You are able to let them go.

Ride the wave.

Learn how to surf through your emotions.

★One quote
“Notice that your emotions will rise and fall like waves. We can ride them for the experience, but don’t get carried away by them”

– Nancy Quach

★One question
Which emotion do you want to stop being carried away by?

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