One ridiculously easy tip to boost your mental clarity and creativity.

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I love reading biographies. Through reading lots of biographies about inspiring leaders, spiritual teachers and, successful people, I’ve found a common denominator, solitude. They all consistently took the time to be alone.

Every day they all allocated time to be completely immersed with their thoughts. Spending time by yourself without technology, no phone and on your own could be unusual but consider the benefits.

Being in solitude could help you with creating stronger personal and work relationships. It also has been proven that it increases creativity, problem-solving and reduces anxiety.

Here are some suggestions to begin a solitude practice.

Find one thing that you like to do

Think about an activity to let your thoughts roam free. It could be something active like a walk, a run, doodling or drawing, Or it could be passive like sitting quietly at home, in the car or in nature. Just find some simple activity that you enjoy and can to do daily.

Allocate time in your schedule

Find a time slot in your day that enables you to take solitude at the same time every day. This is a proven strategy that increases your chances of success.

Remove external distractions

Isolate your self.  Turn off your computer, phone and remove all potential distractors.

Let it flow

This is time to be with yourself. A place of no restrains and no judgments. Simply immerse yourself in the activity that you are doing. That is all you have to do.

One quote

“He moons about in the garden and I have seen him standing doing nothing before a flower for ten minutes at a time. If he only had something to do. I really believe he would be better”

— Darwin’s gardener

One question

Which solitude activity do you enjoy doing?

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