The mental clutter we can’t see

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There is one massive frustration that I want to invite you today to get rid of or reduce. This mental clutter is crowding your mind, and we all do it. This clutter is attached to our close relationships, and we tend to work on it obsessively every day. I’m talking about our obsession with fixing someone else.

Mental clutter is created by wasteful worries and thoughts that keep repeating in our minds with no positive outcome. We keep going on and on in circles about situations that we feel frustrated about, but we do not resolve, or we can’t resolve. All these thoughts tend to be about trying to feel in control and forcing others to behave the way we want.

One way to reduce mental clutter is to begin to notice it and work towards getting rid of it. The same way that you clean your fridge and get rid of things past their due date, the same way you get rid of your mental clutter attached to your relationships. You can begin releasing frustrations that are taking too much room in your mind, and that you can’t control the outcome.

Sometimes we get so hung up on wanting people to change that we don’t realize how much we suffer from this mental clutter. In your mind, you are convinced that your partner, husband, spouse, children, mom, or dad need to change so you can let go. You have certain that they are doing something that is wrong, this behavior frustrates you and they must stop.

You feel very genuine and truthful about your good intention to get them to change. You express your perspective the best way you can, but they are not interested in changing. Your frustrations build every day because their way and habit keep bothering you. You feel upset, and negativity builds up. Your frustrations become your mental clutter.

Two people are holding on to their point of view, with no desire to change their minds. Two wanting to be right in a situation are also creating more clutter. We can call this type of mess, relationship clutter. This situation harms the relationship. When you keep repeating that they are wrong, you are blocking your inner peace and adding suffering.

How to release the mental clutter?

  1. Pick a person in your life that keeps feeling frustrated because you believe that they are wrong, and you are right.
  2. Remind yourself about the behavior that disrupts your inner peace. Connect with your mind and body’s feelings and sensations when you observe them doing the act of saying what you dislike.
  3. Ask yourself: How is this situation wearing me out?
  4. Assume that the other person will never change this behavior. Then ask yourself: What will be the best thing for me to regain my inner peace? What do I need to do to release this mental clutter?
  5.  Establish your action plan and put it into practice. Release the mental clutter today and allow your mind to focus on more productive things for your mental well-being.

One quote

“Better believe it, those in pursuit of Happiness can’t expect to remain unchanged.”

Efrat Cybulkiewicz

One question

What are you waiting to start your decluttering journey?

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