Taming your mind into it’s natural calm state

woman wearing black crew-neck top inside black room

Our internal chaos could feel like our natural mental state. This is a mistake…
Your mind ’s natural state is open and calm.
Like an open blue sky.
You have been reinforcing the opposite.
Tension, and stress.
Your thoughts run wild.
An open and calm mind is possible.
Train it.
It takes time.
How old you are, is how long you have been trained in chaos.
Now you train on focus.
Focused attention on one thing.
You need consistency.
Daily practice.
Suddenly, one day it will come.
You’ll get a glimpse.
Is this what it feels to be present?
To be calm and open?
You will get a taste of the mind’s natural state.
That is how it starts.
A moment.
Being fully open.
Calm and present.

One quote

“A calm mind brings inner strength and self-confidence”

One question

If your mind was calmer, how will it change your life?

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