Stretch your love and open your heart

Photo by Alex Block

Focusing on being more loving can help you get healthier and more resilient. Love is so important for us that it affects our everyday behavior and how we feel about ourselves and our ability to make decisions.

Love is how we bond, connect and become intimate with others. To be affectionate makes us feel alive. Our mind and body respond to affection like nothing else we can compare within our human experience.

When you love someone it affects your biology. It reflects in your hormones, cardiovascular system, nervous system, and blood flow. The more love you give and receive, you get stronger and healthier.

When you lovingly connect with someone with touch, eye contact, or in a conversation your brain lights up. It recreates brain patterns and the heartbeat rhythm of your loved one. When you think about a loved one in the other room, your heart beats can match the same rhythm.

We are designed to love and be loved. Take advantage of your love biology and open your heart big and wide.

One quote

“Flourishing is not a solo endeavor.”

– Barbara Frederickson

One question

Who are you going to love more today?

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