Stop poisoning yourself

blue butterfly in flight

Letting go of hate can be complicated.

Holding on to your pain can have “false benefits”

Hating someone who wrong you can seem fair.

“I’m not weak, I’ll make him/her regret it.”

In reality , this is a false benefit.

Holding on to hate, creates more hate.

It’s like a poison.

Creates more suffering for you.

It gives you a short pleasure.

It’s also associated will illness.


Lower longevity.


How long do I want to go on suffering?

Raise your energy.

Heal and release your pain.

If you hate, let it go.


One quote

“Emotions are just emotions. They are not you, they are not facts and you can let them go.” Hale Dworkin

One question

What poison are you ready to let go of?

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