Common anxiety triggers that you can easily stop doing

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If you recently noticed an increase in your stress, and you have been feeling more anxious, You could be triggering anxiety without knowing. Our mental health is susceptible to our daily habits, social interactions, and what we pay attention to.

These simple tips are about looking a these factors. You can follow these proven startegies and  reduce your anxiety today.

Stop talking about your worries

When you meet with people, do not discuss your fears. By talking more about your worries, you drain your mental and physical energy.

You also trigger a stress response in your brain. The brain then starts to recreate the situations that you fear could happen. Your mind begins to believe that this scenario is happening, and anxiety starts to build up.

Do not hang out with anxious people

Stress and anxiety are contagious. You could be doing your best to have a calm day, and when you meet with someone that only talks about their fears and worries, your stress rises.

 Friends, family, or co-workers can make your stress worse. If you can not stop the interactions with them, find a way to reduce the time you spend with them.

Watch what you consume

Look at your eating and drinking habits. Reduce caffeine, alcohol, or stimulants. These are proven triggers to more anxiety and depression. 

They disguise the adverse effects because they first make you feel good, but then the effects wear off. Then your energy drops, and you feel worse.

Stop watching the news

TV news programs want to get you worked up or worried, so you keep watching. Researchers have found that TV news can change your mood, and they tend to trigger sadness and anxiety. 

When you feel sad and anxious, you exacerbate your worries.

The more news you watch, the more you could be triggering your anxiety and generating even more.

One question for you

What habits can you stop doing today to reduce your anxiety?

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