Reduce shopping to be happier

Photo by Nick Hillier

Happiness starts with your brain. Your brain is responsible for happy hormones….
They create contentment.
You feel good in your body.
Today’s culture is selling “happiness”.
A fast track to it.
Happiness attached to owning.
You own this, you are happy.
But it wears out quickly.
You feel the happy hormones when you buy.
But your brain adapts to the new thing.
It becomes normal.
Then you need to buy more.
The brain keeps craving.
To build sustainable happiness
Don’t shop for yourself to be happy.
Call a friend.
Invite them out for a cup of coffee.
Supportive people make you happier.
Creating meaning social connections is important.
They are a proven way to long-lasting happiness.

★One quote
“According to the science of happiness to date, the most promising route to real happiness is through meaningful social connection” -Emiliana Simon

★One question
How can you spend more time with supportive people in your life?

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