Please, slowdown for love!

Photo by Paul Hanaoka

Love is our supreme emotion.

It’s in our DNA.

Learn how to love because…

You need to love.

We all need to be loved.

Connect with someone, your brain gets active.

It triggers oxytocin.

The love hormone.

Your whole body is happy.

More oxytocin

More health and well being.

Slow down for love.

Plan your week around love.

Connect more with loved ones.

Listen more.

Spread love at work.

Genuinely connect with co-workers.

Give more hugs at home.

Kiss more.

Don’t expect anything in return.

Create loving connections.

Loving moments.

★One quote
“Love requires you to be physically and emotionally present. It also requires that you slow down.”- Barbara Fredrickson

★One question
If you could spend more time with your loved ones, why are you not doing it?

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