A powerful way of solving problems

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In the last week, our world was shaken by the violent death of George Floyd. A lot of us are feeling sadness, anger, and/or frustration. It’s hard to take in what is happening. I have been spending time reflecting on how to act in this situation. Is there something I need to be doing?

Today I came across a powerful message from Ajahn Brahm. He said that sometimes in situations where you are against the wall and you re not sure of your way out, an effective way to deal with the problem is to pause.

Pausing and waiting to have clarity is a problem-solving strategy. Letting things settle and having a waiting period until you feel that there is something worthwhile doing. Taking time to pause and find where you want to direct your actions until you find something that could help you achieve the change you are looking for.

If you are feeling like me. Bring acceptance to your feelings and emotions. Sit and take a pause. Welcome, what arises, and be ok with it. It is absolutely fine to wait and let things settle. Send love and prayers to those that are suffering.

Pausing is powerful. Take a breath and keep breathing until you feel you have an action that feels true to you to move forward. Let your action send your authentic message to the world.

One quote

“Human freedom involves our capacity to pause, to choose the one response toward which we wish to throw our weight.

Rollo May

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