Overcome a challenge using the power of others

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In the book The upside to stress, Dr. Kelly Mc Gonigal reports that when we do better at overcoming challenges when we focus on doing for others or for improving our world. When we focus on dealing with a problem based on our benefit, we are not as successful as when we act based on helping other people. Creating a goal that is about making the world a better place seems to be more meaningful, and we tend to carry through our conviction to accomplishing more sustainably.

Can I apply this to my life?

Yes, that is the great thing about this finding. So consider a stressful situation that you have been trying to overcome by focusing on how you will benefit from the result. Then, take that situation and focus on improving the lives of others or your community or the greater good. You can apply this to everyday day problems, but it can also work for more difficult challenges.

One example could be a goal, like losing weight. Maybe you have been trying to do something about it based on improving your health, and it hasn’t worked. Then reset the goal focusing it in your family. Think about not looking after your health and the negative impact that it could have on your family, your relationships, your pets, and your work.

You can also think about other goals, like reducing your anger and irritability. You don’t want to keep being the angry person who loses quickly their temper all the time. Reframe your goal and think about your family, your love life, your neighborhood, and your world. Think about the world having one less angry person around that brings stress and anxiety to others.

Identify what matters in your life. Take a close look at your values and what are the things that you want to invest your time that can help others, your community, and the world. Use your values as the vital force that will give you energy, self-control, and stamina to embrace challenges and overcome them.

Imagine yourself changing the world around you. Imagine being significant changes that benefit others because you decided to act based on your values and what is meaningful to you.

One quote

If you change yourself you will change your world.


One question

Which challenge do you want to overcome by using the power of others?

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