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A 6-week online course designed to help you reduce stress, anxiety and negative thinking.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You feel like stress is controlling your life. You’re often overwhelmed. You tend to worry too much which leads to frustration and anxiety.

You want to find an effective way to way to feel more calm, grounded and positive. You want to be happier and have more resilience to deal with the challenges you face in your everyday life.


A 6-week online training course plus live online Q&A calls every 2 weeks to help you reduce stress, anxiety and negative thinking.

Week 1: Our Brain & How It's Wired

We’ll look at how your brain is wired. You’ll learn how to create new pathways to reduce stress, promote positive hormones and ‘hardwire’ happiness.

Week 2: Mindfulness & Inner Peace

We’ll look at how to become more calmer and centered in stressful situations. You’ll learn simple techniques to go from ‘stress mode’ to ‘calm mode’.

Week 3: Mind Training & Letting Go

We’ll look at how to build more resilience. You’ll learn mental habits of resilient people and how you change your ‘wiring’ about your past.

Week 4: Positive Meaning & Emotions

We’ll look at how to turn negatives into positives. You’ll learn how to grow from your challenges and simple ways to find more positivity.

Week 5: Beliefs & Self-Confidence

We’ll look at how to reprogram yourself and your negative beliefs. You’ll learn how to take charge of your happiness and overcome obstacles.

Week 6: Positive Connections

We’ll look at how to build a solid foundation for happiness. You’ll learn how to cultivate positive relationships and how to deal with negative people.


This is a 6 week online training program. Here’s what you will get:

     1. One video lesson and guided meditation every week.

     2. Audio version of guided meditations to listen to anytime.

     3. Lesson summary slides and worksheets every week. 

     4. Live online Q&A and meditation calls every 2 weeks. 


The Mental Freedom program costs just $197.

This includes 6 x weekly video lessons, over 3 hours of live Q&A calls and lifetime access to all the course content and free updates.


If you don’t like the program for any reason, let me know in your first 30 days and you’ll get a full 100% refund.