Mental Freedom


Welcome to the Mental Freedom course!


Week 1: Your Brain and How It's Wired

We'll look at how your brain is wired, reinforces, and rewards negativity. You'll learn ways to create new pathways to reduce stress and promote positive hormones to 'hard-wire' happiness.


Week 2: Mindfulness and Building Inner Peace:

We'll look at how to become calmer and more centered in stressful situations. You'll learn simple techniques to help you easily change your brain from stress mode to a calm mode 'on-demand'. 


Week 3: Mind Training and Letting Go

We'll look at how to rewire your brain for greater resilience. You'll learn the mental habits of resilient people and how you can change your wiring about your past.


Week 4: Finding Positive Meaning

We'll look at how to turn negatives into positives. Figuring out how to grow from challenges is vital for mental resilience. You'll learn simple ways to find more positivity in your life.


Week 5: Self-Confidence and Your Beliefs

We'll look at how to reprogram yourself and your negative beliefs. You'll learn how to take charge of your happiness and overcome your obstacles.


Week 6: Building Positive Connections

We'll look at why and how our social life is the essential foundation for happiness. You'll learn how to cultivate positive relationships and how to deal with negative people.

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