Meditation is not what you think

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There are a lot of myths about meditation.

I think that myths stop people from practicing.

They also validate incorrect excuses and promote a negative view of meditating.

Take a look at three common meditation myths that should be eradicated for good.

Meditation is about creating bliss

No, it is not.

When you sit to meditate, you are learning to be with your mind.

How will you describe your mind?

Crazy, jumpy, erratic, restless…

No matter how you answer the question. Your mind is not a blissful place.

In meditation, you will notice that your mind is a nonstop spinning wheel.

When you meditate, you don’t stop the wheel. Instead, think about observing the wheel.

Meditation needs to be done right to be beneficial

There is no one way to meditate. There are many types and methods.

For the benefits, you need to stay consistent.

Meditate every day.

If your mind is annoying and keeps chattering, you are on the correct path.

I should not think, plan or worry when I meditate

If you spend your day worrying, planning, and controlling, guess what?

It will reflect in your meditation.

Thoughts are more active when you meditate.

If you worry, plan or stress, those are your mind habits.

During your practice, you will observe the habits magnified.


Because you are not distracted with doing stuff.

When you notice a distraction, return to your point of focus.

That is it. Forget about perfection.

Sit, meditate and get on with it.

One quote

Meditation is not evasion; it is a serene encounter with reality.

Thich Nhat Hanh

One question

What thought patterns you observe when you meditate?

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