Effortless natural meditation, quietism


Quietism is an old contemplative practice that has influenced different religious traditions. It is also an eastern meditation practice. In this simple meditation, you train the mind to focus in a way that is relaxing and balanced.

The magical ingredient? Nature.

Why nature offers an advantage?

Our brain naturally relaxes in nature. Also, there is research to support nature benefits extend to improving mood, memory, focus and developing kindness.

Cultivating quietism is more simple than other practices as you will see in easy steps bellow. You will be cultivating a state of harmony with yourself, your thoughts and the natural world.

I have been doing quietism for some years and find it my most enjoyable meditation practice. It feels natural, easy and something that anyone can do without any special training required.

How to start quietism?

  1. Find a natural environment. This could be done indoors and outdoors. It could be a lake, river, ocean, mountains, sunrise, sunset, or any type of sky. You can also find natural elements indoors like a fireplace, fountain, rain, a plant or pet sleeping.
  2. Find a comfortable seat and settle in. Then bring your attention to 5 breaths. This is not a breathing exercise. You are using the breath to settle the mind in one thing.
  3. Bring your attention to the elements of nature that you are going to focus on. Just observe. See, smell, hear, taste and touch.
  4. Begin expanding what you are observing. Look and listen further and deeper. What can you notice?
  5. Immerse yourself and become one with it.

One quote

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”

Albert Einstein

One question

What place or element in nature relaxes you the best?

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