How to deal with self-criticism

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It’s easy to get caught in self-criticism and get drowned in it. Our minds can start with a simple mistake and make it into a huge problem. Our thoughts have a natural tendency to be stuck in negativity.

One way that we do this is by repeating negative affirmations. When you get mad at yourself for making a mistake, do you insult yourself?

Being self-critical frequently can get you stuck in emotions like blame and hate. We tend to do this even when it is for something that you have we have no control of because it turns into our default mode.

“Something went wrong, it has to be my fault!”

Stop self- criticism with a question

Instead of getting caught in self-hatred, consider asking a question. When you realize that you are getting angry about a situation and blaming yourself, ask:
How can I let go and move one?

Reflect on the value of letting go of small stuff. Don’t sweat the small stuff. When you pay attention, you realize that most of it is small stuff.

Mind your language

Pay attention to the words you use. Your words influence the content of your thoughts. Stop using words that are rude, hateful, and cynical about yourself. Select the words you say and focus on using positive affirmations that move you from criticism to love and acceptance.

Practice self-love

I want to invite you today to create new self-positive affirmations. Stop what you are doing and find a mirror. Look at yourself in a mirror. What can you see? If you are focusing on the things you don’t like, reset your attention and find the things that you like.

Affirm the things, features, or qualities that you are grateful for. Say them out loud. Write them down. Place post-it notes on your desk with them.

” I love my eyes because they allow me to see the world”

One quote

“When you don’t know who to hate, you hate
― Chuck Palahniuk

One question

When you see yourself in the mirror where can you find love?

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