How you create illness

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Your brain is your protector. When it detects a threat or worry, becomes vigilant.

After 2 minutes of a threat.
The alarm turns on.
Releases cortisol.
Excess of cortisol damages the brain.
Overstimulation by threats causes injury.
At different systems in your body.
Chemical, bacterial, viral and infectious
Emotional and psychological.
A long activation equals illness.
Changing your stress reduces illness risks.
Meditation is a scientific tool that can do this.
Requires daily commitment.
Consistency and patience.
It can remap your brain.
Disrupt the threat activation.
Reduce cortisol.
Protect you against illness.
Reduce the symptoms of illness.
With no terrible side effects.
No insurance bills.
You won’t develop more illnesses.
Increases your life expectancy.
Benefits have been proven for thousands of years.
It will make you happier.
More kind and compassionate.
Your family and friends will thank you.
Beat that.

★One quote
“Don’t worry. Meditate. Be happy”- Tamy Khan

★One question
If you could remap your brain, what threat or worry would you like to remove?

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