How worry interferes with your sleep

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You are trying to fall asleep and you start to worry.

If you keep worrying, the mind gets aroused.

Figuring out a solution.

Still worrying, you enter a cycle.


Repetitive thinking.

The initial worry turns into another one and more.

The mind stays busy.

Worrying for more than two minutes, stress arises.

Forecasting a dangerous event.

Stays on guard.

Protecting you.

Brain begins to release hormones in your body.

Locking in the arousal stage.

The opposite of what it should be doing to get you to fall asleep.

Emotional arousal follows.

Negative emotions.

These emotions fuel negative thoughts.

Leading to no sleep.

Reducing your worries is key.

Don’t solve your problems and organize your life before going to bed.

To promote sleep, cultivate a calm mind.

One quote
“Worry pretends to be necessary but serves no useful purpose”
― Eckhart Tolle

One question
What can you do to be calmer before going to sleep?

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