How we get hooked on social media

Photo by Keith Fox

Talking about ourselves is rewarding. Our brain loves it.
When you post on social media…

Your brain receives a reward.

The reward zone is the same that gets activated with drugs.

You get likes, more rewards.

Then you get cravings to feel good again.

Addiction starts.

Social media is hijacking your brain.

Using dopamine in your body.

Social media promotes self-criticism.



Are you addicted?

When bored, you grab the phone.

People say often“ Put the phone down”

You know that it’s not good for you.

You still do it.

Track the time you spent.

Find other ways to cope with boredom.

Limit social media.

Set a specific time to check.

Stick to it.

Become curious.

Why I keep doing this?

Bring mindfulness to the experience.

★??? ?????
“Distracted from distraction by distraction”
― T.S. Eliot
★??? ????????
What need am I trying to fulfill when I grab my phone and check social media?

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