3 Steps to unhook from repetitive worry

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If you find yourself frequently revisit a stressful thought, you will begin to build a brain connection. The more you visit and keep revisiting the thought, the stronger the links get.

Most of the time, our stressful thoughts come from worries and fears. Our mind begins to predict things going against our wishes and desires. I can assure you that most things will never happen, but knowing this is not enough to stop you from breaking the habit.

My mind, the same as yours, tends to value worries as something useful. In reality, worries only build stress and negativity. When you obsessively worry about something that you can’t change or have any control off, what is the point?

Getting unhooked from our stressful thoughts is hard is we try to do it with our minds. If you repeat yourself, stop worrying! You can quickly get tired of the repetition and not find any positive outcome. Instead, if you use your body, it will be more productive. 

I’m referring to connecting with your five senses and your body to break the repetitive stressful thinking is a handy tool to stop this type of thinking.

If you want to try a mindfulness technique to stop your stressful thought, go ahead, and practice this exercise. I recommend that you do this exercise every day for 5 minutes. You will find that it will release your stress when worries feel overwhelming.

Unhook your mind from stress

1. Look at your right hand for a few seconds. Observe your hand, fingers, skin, and any detail that you can see. Keep your focus a little longer on your hand.

2. Then hide your hand behind or close your eyes. Keep your hand away from your sight. Bring your attention to your hand and notice the sensations. Keep your focus on sensing your hand for a little longer.

3. Move your attention to your hearing. Bring your focus to the sounds around you. Shift your attention whenever you sense a sound and move your focus to that sound. Continue doing this for a little longer.

Throughout this exercise, you move your attention through the sense of sight, touch, and sound. Practice this to unhook the mind and ground your attention on your body. By doing this shift on focus from stressful thinking to sensing the body, you are unhooking the brain from stress.

Your attention can easily be trained to make this mind shift quickly. The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to unhook. Stay consistent, and always be kind to yourself.

One quote

“Don’t try to force anything. Let life be a deep let-go.”


One question

Which stressful thought you can begin to let go?

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