How to redirect your stressful thoughts in challenging times

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We are living in challenging times during a world pandemic. All of us are confronting new and unexpected difficulties for our generation. It is easy for our minds to only focus on our pain and want to have a quick fix when we feel powerless. We are feeling unsafe and we are not sure how to deal with it.

But can we control what is happening?

Dealing with frequent worries about our future can make us more impatient and demanding. We are creating additional stress about something we cannot change.

Your mind could be screaming and demanding to feel safe again: “I want things to change now.”

Today I want to talk to you about finding peace within the storm. There are mindful ways that we can cope when our difficulties and life circumstances feel limiting. It is all about not focusing on changing on the outside. You want to focus on the inside.

 Let us take a look at our thinking and find hope.

Hope is a proven strategy that can help people with resilience. It can help us cope and deal better with challenging circumstances. Think about hope as a floating device that can help you keep your head above the water and stop you from drowning.

How to invite hope

Accept your feelings and emotions

First, recognize that you are in a challenging situation and be ok with your feelings. Accept if you are afraid, worried, angry, or sad. You are human, and dealing with your difficult emotions is part of living.

Accept your situation

Whatever is the challenging situation that you are dealing with, don’t try to demand a change. Do not try to force in your mind for things to be different. You are not in control of the changes, and you will be just hitting a wall over and over again.

Pick hopeful words   

Think about how you can redirect your energy and your thoughts to working in a hopeful way. Use words like “wishing” and “hoping.” Come up with a sentence or phrase that you can use to reaffirm your optimistic thinking.

“I’m hoping for things to get better soon.”

Observe your body and sensations

As you repeat the phrase, bring your attention to your body. Notice how you feel as you say the words. Be attentive to how your energy shifts to hope, and you feel more calm and clear of mind. 

Final Thoughts

Challenging our thinking is the best way to regain control of our inner peace. Finding hope is a positive intention that can lift you from despair and set you on a better track to serenity.

One quote

“Creating more hope is my soothing device when I want to calm my fears and come back to serenity.”

– Tamy Khan

One question

How are you going to create more serenity and hope today?

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