How to be more kind to yourself.

Photo by Ricko Pan

Being kind may not come naturally to you.
If you tend to be self- critical.
Believe that you are not good enough.
That there is something wrong with you.
Consider practicing kindness.
A mindful strategy.
Kindness improves your health and mental balance.
Start with being kind by paying attention.
Listen to your needs.
Pick one day this week.
Set three reminders.
One minute.
Ask yourself these questions:
Do I need to breathe?
Do I need to be kind to myself?
Do I need to be quiet?
When you pay attention to your needs, you are kind.
Asking these questions brings back your mind to the present moment.
Mind training.
People that are kind develop more trust.
Stronger resilience.
Give yourself the gift of kindness.

★One quote
“If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete”
-Jack Kornfield

★One question
Do you find it easy or hard to be kind to yourself?

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