How to mindfully listen to our kids and loved ones.

Photo by Ricards Zalmezs

Recently I had an argument with my daughter.

I felt uncomfortable.


I didn’t think I accomplished anything because I got hooked.


I didn’t listen.

I reacted.

Self- reflection is important.

So we stop and learn from our reactions.

Today, I applied mindfulness.

Follow these tips

Be fully present.

Remove distractions,

No phone, no TV, no laptop.

Face the child or person.

Eye contact.

Look at body language.

If you start judging and feel emotional, breathe.

Take 3-5 breaths.

Don’t react.


No questions, less speaking.

Let them finish.

Listen and don’t say a word.

Find out if you can help without speaking at all.

You don’t need to solve everything.

★One quote
“ Most people don’t listen with the intent to understand. Most people listen with the intent to reply.” Stephen Covey

★One question
How often do you find yourself reacting instead of truly listening to your children or a loved one?

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