How to live a happy mindful life.

Photo by JJ Ying

I love the Japanese life philosophy of “Ikigai”. Living a life with purpose…

To me, it sets the foundations for a happy mindful life.

These are the principles:


Pay attention to details.

Find your way to contribute to the world.

This is your labor of love.

Whatever you do, always do your best.


Release yourself.

Don’t spend your life looking for social recognition.

Stay humble.

Let the spirit of humility be your guiding light.


Look for harmony inside and outside.

Reduce unnecessary conflicts.

Think about the wellbeing of others before you act.

Live in a sustainable way.


Find joy every day.

Start your day with a positive note.

Get pleasure from simple things.

Notice and appreciate your life.


Be present.

Don’t live in the past or prioritize the future.

Let go of judgments.

Do things that get you in flow.

Practice mindfulness.

One quote

“Love what you do. Stay humble. Find harmony. Notice joy every day. Be present.”

– Ikigai

One question

How can you apply “Ikigai” to one thing you already do every day?

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