How to increase your resilience with joy

woman sitting on cliff near body of water

Joy is more than just feeling good. Researchers found that joyful people …
Are more successful in life
They are better at solving problems.
Creative thinking.
Decision making.
In joy, your mind stays open.
It feels safe.
Stays more positive.
Open to options that negative people don’t see.
Joy is a mental attribute.
Start your morning with a joyful activity.
Also, bring to your day.
Schedule it.
Multiple joyful experiences lead to happiness.
The optimal mind state.
When you have to make decisions.
Do what brings you joy.
Incorporate joy into boring tasks.
My favorite personal tip.
I love to play my favorite music when doing the dishes.

★One quote
“The more you attend to thin slices of joy, the more easily you can access them.” Chade Meng Tan

★One question
Where can you schedule joy in your day?

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