How to improve any relationship

Photo by JJ Ying


If you want to have better relationships, do self reflection.

We are all guilty of not paying close attention to our actions.

We don’t take time to notice the consequences.

We have very “good” excuses for not doing it.

In Japan they practice Naikan.

The word means “inside looking”

For practicing Naikan you pick one person.

You notice your actions.

Notice the gifts you received from the person.

You look at your reactions to that person.

Ask yourself:

What have I received from this person?

What have I given to person?

What troubles have I given to this person?

Write your answers.

After answering these questions.

You will grow and be grateful.

You will be mindful about your actions.

Mindful people have happier relationships.

They have longer and stronger love connections.


“ Strive to be mindful about your actions, learn from your mistakes and have a grateful heart” -Tamy Khan


What gifts have you given to others today❓

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