How to find hope in loss or grief.

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Death, divorce, terminal diagnosis.

It can make you feel hopeless.

Grief is emotional distress over a loss.

An emotional fracture.

Don’t ignore the pain.

Don’t crush your feelings.


Why? Why me?

No answers, no peace.

The fracture can feel paralyzing.

You feel trapped.

There is no simple solution.

Here are three proven strategies to cope.

Connect with others.

Find people in a similar situation.

You don’t have to talk about you.

Listening to others can be helpful.

Get support.

Find meaning in your loss.

What have you gained from your loss?

How can you make your life more meaningful?

Finally, help others.

Focus your energy on helping.

Heal by working for the greater good.

It’s ok that you are hurt.

Don’t let it take over your life.

You are not a victim.

Think of you as a wounded warrior.

Hurt but not giving up.

One quote
“Anything you lose comes around in another form.”

One question
How can you make your life more meaningful?

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