How to create emotional balance

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Learning how to process emotions is key to finding mental balance. Our emotions can come from two sources: Fear or Love. Most of the fear-based emotions create unbalance if get stuck with them for too long.

Fear based emotions deplete the body of energy and internal resources. That is why you feel drained and tired when you get stuck in anger, despair, regret or loss.

On the other hand love-based emotions are the opposite. Whne you are patient, kind, courageous and have joy you feel energized. These emotions create balance, harmony and a sense of vitality in the body

Through our life experiences we learned to process emotions to create balance or unbalnce. Our mind tends to do this with two different actions.
Building more of the emotions or by releasing and letting go of the emotion.

Release the fearful emotions

Become more mindful and aware of your challenging emotions. You don’t need to avoid them. Observe, accept and then release the fear based emotion.

Don’t hold on to frustration, jealousy, envy, sadness, worry, anger resetment, guilt or shame. The longer you keep these emotions in your mind and body , the more energy you drain. Find positive, healing and healthy awys to release negative emotions.

Build more loving emotions.


When you feel joyful, nurture the experinece and hold it for longer. You can use gratitude, and share the joyful experience with others.


Practice simple ways to become more patient. Do more things that you need to deal with discomfort for the well ebing of others and yourself.


Do things out of your comfort zone. Expose yourself to new things that stretch your skills and your mind.


Create oppourtinites yo spend more time building a better communites. Take action about issues that impact our future and help make a better world for everybody.


Pratice kindness and compassion to the people your meet everyday. Do more things just for the well being of others, Create more joy for someone else and cherish the experinece.

Inner calm

Commit to building a life that promotes inner peace. Think of every day as a new opportunity to get better at staying present and mindful.

One quote

“The way to overcome negative thoughts and destructive emotions is to develop opposing, positive emotions that are stronger and more powerful..”- Tenzin Gyatso

One question

What love based emotion do you want to build more?

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