How to calm down when you feel confined and stressed

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I’m writing this post while we are dealing with social distancing and a world pandemic. 

Our life circumstances have changed quickly and dramatically in a very short period of time.

We were not given a warning or time to adjust swiftly.

Suddenly we are at home, confined and with limited options. Being at home with people that are also feeling stressed could be challenging. 

Adapting to this “new” normal could feel chaotic, and overwhelming.

At home, you could be experiencing too much stimulation or lack of social interaction. Your mind could feel confused and unsure about these changes. 

Feeling too low or too high on energy could be difficult during social distancing. Feeling unbalanced can make you more impatient, and irritable. You could even be more reactive to people around you.

How to calm down?

Take a mindful sensory break.

As soon as you start to feel irritable, anxious, or stressed, try taking a break. If you are at home, go to your bedroom or an empty cozy room in your house. If you are at work, find a small quiet room that you can close the door and be by yourself.

Reduce stimulation

Lock the door, and place a sticky note outside the door, so people do not disturb you. Close curtains, dim the lights, or if you prefer, turn them off. Eliminate any visual objects like your phone, computer, tv, or electronic devices.

Stay silent and relax

You can sit or lie down. You can keep your eyes open or close. Take off your shoes and loosen up anything that feels tight in your body. If you have a blanket or throw wrap it around you.

Begin to notice if you are holding on to stress on your body. If you feel tension, relax the area of the body that you are tensing.

Stay quiet and notice the silence. If you want, you count your breaths backward, starting from six down to one. If you miss the count, start again. Stay in the room until you feel relaxed and grounded.

Self-care matters

Take time for self-care. Let go off guilt or shame if you need to take a break from others. Caring for you it will help you restore your energy.

It is crucial that you pay attention to your needs and that you prioritize yourself. You will be able to be more productive, happier, and healthier. You will benefit and all the people around you too.

One quote

Your calm mind is the ultimate weapon against your challenges. So relax.

Bryant McGill

One question

How much attention do you pay to your self-care?

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