How to breathe gratitude

Photo by Mor Shani

Want to improve your immunity?

Research found that practicing gratitude can do it.

You only need 15 minutes.

Appreciation boosts antibodies against viruses.

Increases inmunoglobins in the mouth & nose.

Follow this gratitude practice

Take 2 breaks in your day.

Find a sit.

Focus on your breath.

Notice how it flows.

In and out.

Focus on your next 10 breathes.

In each exhalation say “Thank you”

Repeat for each one.


Remind yourself of the gift of your breath.

Think about how lucky you are to be alive.

That’s it!

Take time for gratitude.

Appreciate the gift of your breath.

★One Quote
“Ask your brain to give thanks and it will get better at finding things to be grateful for. Everything we do creates brain connections. The more you repeat it, the stronger those connections get.”- Robert Emmons

★One question
Can you take time to breathe gratefully today?

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