I have hope in our world

Photo by Ben White

I believe we are living in a world overloaded with frustration. The media is portraying a hopeless world. They are only showing toxic local and world political problems and violence. It seems to be the only thing that people talk about. I disagree with the view that we are living in a world of little hope.

I feel like I am in a battle trying to protect myself from all this negativity. We can all easily get sucked into this pessimistic message. We can even start to turn it into ourselves and start to feel negative about our lives and our future.

There are so many positive things happening every day. This week I taught a meditation class about loving-kindness to a group of cancer survivors. It was such a great positive message for them to finally be ok with their difficult emotions and suffering. There was so much hope in that room.

We need to stop building frustrations, hate, and anger. Building a life with more inner calm and more peaceful communities starts with me. Every day I keep this present so I don’t lose my way.

People are still kind, loving and caring. Thre is more good than bad. We need to pay more attention to it so we can see that is all around us.

Any struggle can be guided into a powerful force that can help us grow. I believe that there is so much hope for our world. Let’s not forget that it all starts with you and me.

One quote

“Positively channel all frustration, anger, or sadness you’re feeling so you can experience and then transform it.”

– Tamy Khan

One question

Where have you seen hope and kindness today?

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